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Development of Website Prototype

A full range of services in website development:

Website development

Appropriate online solution for your business - from promopage to an all-inclusive project

Online shop development

Usability, integration with external services, convenient CMS

Webiste pormotion

SEO, Internet marketing, SMM promotion

Webiste support and development

Implementation of new solutions, support and consulting
“You have ordered exactly what you see, if you need more - it will involve extra costs” – unfortunately, this is a common situation where customers of website developers find themselves after the elaboration of their website is finished.
How to avoid this embarrassing situation?

The most important stage in website development is to create an exhaustive, carefully elaborated website project.

A website project contains the following key elements:

1. Website prototype;
2. Key requirements for website design;
3. Key requirements for website technical performance;
4. Requirements for multilingualism, key SEO elements, integration with external services etc.

Website prototype means sketches of website pages with main structural elements:
menu, buttons, forms. When creating a prototype, website navigation, data block location, possibilities of visitor’s interaction with the website are thoroughly considered.

Prototype is an efficient coordination tool which offers a clear picture of the scope of project details.

Website prototype helps to save time. When creating a website skipping prototype stage, all complications and additional costs usually emerge at website elaboration stage.

If the website prototyping stage has been skipped, the whole work of interface elaboration is being automatically transferred to designing stage, which raises costs and prolongs the whole project. A prototype facilitates considerably website designing stage.

After having approved the prototype, the customer knows the result he will obtain, but the website developer may be sure about his tasks and requirements.

5 reasons why to order a prototype of your future website.

The prototype will allow you:
1. To realize all requirements you may have towards your website.
Modifications at this stage do not involve important costs, thus saving your time and money.
2. To order several versions of website prototype.
To get potential customers’ opinions even before website is launched.
3. To make cost-efficient choice of developer.
Having at your disposal website prototype, you may request final costs overview from several developers and to choose the best.
4. To set clear website elaboration deadline.
A prototype will help you to divide website elaboration into stages, to set terms for every stage, and to follow up website elaboration.
5. To control efficiently website elaboration.
A website prototype will not let developers offer you things which were not included in your order.
See an example

Website creation – where to start?

Please see our portfolio below. It represents only few Internet projects to give you an idea of our possibilities. Efficient advertising pages, online shop developed in accordance with all usability rules, functional CMS, implementation of basic SEO elements on the stage of website creation, help in domain / hosting ordering, website support and development – total package you need. Call us and we will discuss in detail development of your website, we will give answers to your questions.
Would you like to create your own website?
There is no more efficient way to inform about yourself and your businss!

Portfolio: tasks we solve.

Real estate agency website -

A Real Estate agency’s website developed by us: comprehensible navigation, quick and convenient search. A modest and elegant design does not draw away the attention from the objects the company offers.
A functional CMS implemented (back-end / webmaster’s page) helping to fill easily the website with content.
Go to the website’s page

Online shop -

Creation of a successfully functioning online shop. Its main advantage is a correct implementation of SEO elements allowing any new product of the shop to appear on the top lines of search engines (Google / Yandex) during two weeks. Additionally, integration with bank and post terminals has been implemented.
Go to the website’s page

Promo pages Tanita

Promo page for advertising campaign of TANITA brand products. Different webpages for men and women. Advertising texts.
Go to the promo-page for men.
Go to the promo-page for women.

Stages of website development

Website development may be divided into several stages:

1. Development of concept and website prototype.
Result: website project agreed by the client.

2. Design concept. Professional designer will crate for you pictures of every single website page.
Result: website design agreed by the client.

3. Along with the website design development, elaboration and programming of website’s administrative part is carried out. This is the same full-bodied website intended for you or your employees in order to add content and pictures to the website.

4. You add content to your website, at the same time we create the website itself. This is a stage of programming, testing, corrections.
Result: your website is ready.

5. Website promotion. For attraction of visitors and potential clients to your website, various Internet-promotion means are used.

Call or write us, we will discuss in detail your future website, your requirements and wishes, terms and possible budget of website development. To create your website with NataRiga means to ensure your business with stability, development, and rush of potential clients.

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